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Level 3 Certificate

Safety & Health for


The NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business provides an understanding of safety and health in a business context. Learners gain technical knowledge and skills, as well as effective techniques to apply that knowledge in the workplace.

Building on the IOSH Managing Safely course, this qualification is the ideal next step to become eligible for IOSH membership. Being a member of IOSH opens a world of professional opportunities and resources that will support progress at work and contribute tangibly to business success.

Who the course is for?

Anyone who is looking to progress their career to becoming a health & safety professional.

How is it different from other qualifications?

To meet the qualification’s objective of developing an understanding of safety and health in a business context, learners will:

  • understand internal and external roles and how they have an impact on safety and health in the organisation

  • explore the main functions and aims of an organisation, and how strategic drivers affect its operation

  • learn about monitoring safety and health performance, and how improvement plans can be used to improve practices

  • understand organisational culture, including techniques that can help develop a safety culture.

Assessments are based on projects and practical work directly relevant to each learners workplace. There are no sit-down exams, and the assessments are marked by a training provider who is quality-assured by IOSH, at a time and place that suits both parties. So, the learner does not need to visit a nominated assessment centre.

Top business benefits

  • Assessments based on projects and practical work can be applied directly to each delegates workplace.

  • As learners must already have been introduced to key concepts in IOSH’s Managing Safely course, delegates spend less time away from work than with other safety and health qualifications.

  • There are only 10 days face-to-face learning.

Delegate benefits

Learners who achieve this qualification will have greater credibility and confidence when talking to senior management about safety and health in business.

This qualification will also:

  • provide a route to IOSH membership, enabling access to a multitude of benefits, including IOSH Blueprint and CPD

  • provide an understanding of organisational culture and techniques that can help develop a safety culture in the workplace

  • open doors for those looking to progress into the safety and health profession.

Units & Assessment

There are 3 mandatory units:

  1. Safety & Health Management in an organisation

  2. How to influence a Safety & Health culture within an organisation

  3. A strategic, business focused approach to Safety & Health

Modules are assessed by:

Module 1:  Develop & write a business case to implement an enhanced safety & management system in an organisation

Module 2: Complete a project researching organisational health & safety culture using primary & secondary research  methods. produce a report evaluating the existing safety culture & making recommendations

Module 3:  Analyse the main functions and aims of an organisation, including how strategic drivers affect its operation, then develop and deliver a presentation to brief a senior management team.

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